About Us
About Us
Knoxville Firefighters Federal Credit Union is a member owned, not for profit, financial co-operative offering services that foster effective and efficient operations to promote participation to all those within the defined field of membership. Our goal is to provide quality service, education, competitive credit, and the best value for our member's deposits and to ensure operations are in compliance with Federal Credit Union Rules & Regulations under authority of the Federal Credit Union Act prescribed by NCUA.
Founded in 1954, out of the hip pocket, there was a waiting list to get loans as deposits to shares were made.  Located inside the old headquarters building, then to an office on Clinch Avenue and finally to our present location in May 1987.  An addition completed in August of 1998 is our current building.  It's because of you, our members, that we have grown to what is now a 21 million dollar credit union. 
               Location: 5207 Schubert Road,Knoxville, Tn. 37912                                                                                     
                                                                 Hours: Monday-Friday - 8:00-4:30     
             Phone: 865-688-0498
                      Fax: 865-688-0490  
                      Audio Response: 1-800-309-8559 (Credit Union Identifier # 695)
                                                           Mark Morris - Chairman
Cynthia Miniard - CEO                          Darrell Robertson - Vice Chairman
Kathy Helms                                         Tommy Cole - Treasurer
Pam Hill                                                 Daniel J. Corcoran
Wendie Bradley                                     James F. Hunter
Lindsey McCroskey                                Dennis Hurst
Tammy White                                     James Waller, Jr.



 Wiley McCroskey- Chairman    

 Michael Pacetti

 Randy Whaley        



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